Religious Studies

The SAT Daizokyo Text Database
The SAT Daizokyo Text Database offers the complete text of the Taisho Tripitaka, a compilation of all Buddhist scriptures; it is also a search gateway.
Digital Dictionary of Buddhism
The Digital Dictionary Buddhism is a compilation of entries on Buddhist terms, texts, schools, temples, and persons. Its use is restricted according to one’s contribution to the dictionary
Sotozen-Net: Glossary
The Glossary to the Sotozen-Net lists terms related to the Soto Zen school of Buddhism; items are listed alphabetically according to the English translation. It was originally published as an appendix to Standard Observances of the Soto Zen School (translated by G. Foulk, 2010).
The Laures Rare Book Database & Virtual Library
The Laures Rare Book Database & Virtual Library, Kirishitan Bunko, Sophia University is a catalogue and digital gallery containing the works of Jesuit and other missionaries to Japan. The Laures database has been revised from Laures’s seminal descriptive catalogue (1951, 2nd ed.).
Basic Terms of Shinto
Basic Terms of Shinto is a glossary for essential terms, divines, and shrines. It also covers materials used in rites. It is searchable in both English and Japanese, using the Roman alphabet or kanji and hiragana form.
Photo Archive of Japanese Religions
Photo Archive of Japanese Religions, Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture is an open repository of photographs—both in the nature of its collection and the manner of usage—capturing Japanese religious culture nationwide. The collection is based on a gift from I. Reader.
Digital Museum of the Maruyama School
, Daijyoji Temple