About NIHU

NIHU(National Institutes for the Humanities) is dedicated to the advancement of basic research on culture and its extensions in time and space, including empirical study drawing on vast repositories of cultural materials and theoretical study integrating the perspectives of the human sciences. It also aims to be a global center for comprehensive scholarly research in the human sciences, endeavoring to open up new research fields, including collaboration with various fields of the natural sciences.

Resource Guide for Japanese studies and humanities in Japan

This resource guide is a collection of links to useful English websites and resources pertaining to Japanese studies and humanities in Japan. It includes scholarly societies of Japan, GLAM and other institutions that house materials pertaining to Japan, overseas Japanese research institutions, and humanities databases. It also offers a brief description for each link to show its covering area, materials, and periods. Entries are made according to each database, not each institution.

As a rule, resources are listed according to the following rules: resources dealing with general concern of the category come first, those related to Japan come second, and those with humanities outputs relevant to Japan come third. Resources are generally ordered chronologically and related topics are grouped together