Newspaper Clipping Collection, Kobe University Library
The Newspaper Clipping Collection contains clippings from Japanese newspapers between 1911 and 1970. Whilst its main focus is on economics and business issues, there are also clippings related to social, cultural, domestic, and international affairs
The Nagasaki Shipping List and Advertiser
The Nagasaki Shipping List and Advertiser, founded in 1861, is the first English newspaper in Japan. The archive provides digitised images of the newspaper; a full text search is also available.
Dictionary of Sources of Classical Japan
The Dictionary of Sources of Classical Japan (Joan Piggott et al. eds., 2006) is now searchable on the Internet. It provides basic terms with regard to Japanese Classical culture in English.
Hyakugo Archives Web
The Hyakugo Archives Web is an open archive that enables the public to access the Hyakugo Archives Collection, a document archive of a temple spanning from the eighth to the eighteenth century.
Lantern Slides of the Nippon Rikkokai
Lantern Slides of the Nippon Rikkokai provides images of lanternslides, which capture the lives of Japanese immigrants to Americas between the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century.
Kumagaya Digital Museum
List of designated cultural properties etc., Gyoda city
Rare materials, Hirosaki University Library
Database, Center for research of Ancient Culture , Nara Women's University
The Aso Manuscript Collection , Kumamoto University Library
Comprehensive Database of Archaeological Site Reports in Japan
Database of Archaeological materials, Yamaguchi University
Rare materials, Tokushima University Library
Digital Archives, Tomioka Silk, World Heritage Site
Digital Archives, Aomori Prefectural Library
Archive materials, Tohoku History Museum
List of works and materials related to Shokado Shojo
NHK Archives
Archive materials, Fukushima Museum
Digital Archives, Tohoku University Digital Archives
History Database of Otsu,
Search for Archive materials, Guma Prefectural Museum of History
Web-OPAC, Yokohama Archives of History
Search for Archive materials, Saitama Prefectural Museum of History and Folklore
Search for Archive materials, Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History
Research materials, Kuroda Memorial Hall
Document Service Guide - Book, Film and Video, Gramophone Record, SHOWA-KAN
Digital Museum , Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History
The Hokkaido University Museum Archaeological material database
Ruins Dictonary, Nagasaki Prefectural Government
Search for Archive materials, The Museum,Archaeological Istitute of Kashihara,Nara Prefecture
Digital Museum, Naha City Museum of History
Cho-zai search catalog
Virtual Museum for Oriental Cultures
Digital Collection
Digital Museum
Collection Database
Japanese Old Phoographs In bakumatsu-Meiji Period
Digital Collection
Collection Database
Special Collection
Sarch System of Mitsubishi Historical Documents
Collection Database
WASAN (Japanese mathematics) Collection
Classic Books
Peace Archives
Mojizo(Image matching search for mokkan or cursive characters)