Bibliography and Digital Libraries

World Digital Library
The World Digital Library is a collaborative project aiming to provide primary materials from all countries and cultures.
Digital Silk Road Project
The Digital Silk Road Project, a joint project of Toyo Bunko and the National Institute of Informatics, is a project aiming to digitise materials connected to the Silk Road.
Union Catalogue of Early Japanese Books
The Union Catalogue of Early Japanese Books is a catalogue of manuscripts and printed materials produced by Japanese people prior to the Meiji period. It catalogues materials that belong to public archives and libraries in Japan.
Daiber Collection Database: The Arabic Manuscripts in the Daiber Collection
The Daiber Collection Database is a collection of Arabic manuscripts on Islam collected by Professor Hans Daiber. This database offers a description of each manuscript and image. Images of each manuscript can be seen by clicking ‘画像’ next to the number of the manuscript in question.
National Diet Library Digital Collections
The National Diet Library (NDL) Digital Collections is the gateway for digitised images and their bibliographical information of items stored in the NDL.
Digital Library of Classical Chinese Materials
The Digital Library of Classical Chinese Materials, Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo, provides descriptions and digitised images of 4630 rare Classical Chinese works of the institute holdings (as of March 2009). Only the first page of materials is offered in colour
The Kyoto University Digital Library
The Kyoto University Digital Library provides thematic exhibitions from the library’s rare book collection. Additional materials are available on its Japanese website.
Tohoku University Library Digital Collection
The Tohoku University Library Digital Collection is a cross search gateway for the library’s digitised collections, all of which include either rare books or historical documents collections. A description of each database is provided on the ‘Database list’ page
Kobe University Library Digital Archive
Kobe University Library Digital Archive is a gateway for its online databases. Whilst some databases are not available in English, the ‘Digital Archive Cross Searching’ database offers information in English.
Kotenseki Sogo Database
Kotenseki Sogo Database, or the Japanese and Chinese Classics Database, is a digital library from the collection of Waseda University Library; it contains one of the largest collections of Japanese and Chinese Classics in the country.
Digital Collection of keio University Library
The Digital Collection features high-resolution images of our special collections.
Rare Book Digital Archive
Digital Library, Usa Public Library
Database of illustrations, The Ikeda Library, Okayama University
Rare Books Digital Archives, Kobe Municipal Library
Ferris University Libarary Digital Collection
Degital gallery of The Miura Library, Okayama University
Rare books exhibition catalogs
Hakodate City Central Library Digital Archives
Rare Book Collection, The Ogi Nabeshima Library, Saga University
Rare books, Akita University Library
Nothern Studies Digital Exhibitions
Rare materials exhibitions, Kumamoto University Library
IMAGE LIBRALY, Musashino Art University Museum & Library
Special Collection, Kyoto Univercity of Foreign Studies Library
The Lafcadio Hearn Library, Toyama University
Search for Archive materials, newspark
Kagoshima Academic Repository Network
Digital Museum
Cultural Resource Database
Image Database of Hyakunin Isshu Collection
Collection Database
Digital archive
Hyakunin Isshu Collection
Mori Ogai Autograph Collection
A System of Digitalization and Exhibition for Archive Collections
Collection by Prof. Kanzo Kuroki
Collection search
Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
Digital Images Collection
Digital Library
Digital Collection
Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive
Digital archives of Asian Historical Material, Japanease Language and Literature Digital Archives
Digital Gallery