Literature and Linguistics

Hanzi Normative Glyphs Database
The Hanzi Normative Glyphs Database is organised to reveal how the forms of glyphic standards changed and spread in the Sinosphere during the medieval and early modern ages. It displays every attested form of the characters and their frequencies.
Wooden Tablet Character Dictionary
The Wooden Tablet Character Dictionary is a compilation of Chinese characters written on wooden tablets that were unearthed in Japan. Wooden tablets were used for general purposes from early civilisation to the tenth century.
Compound Verb Lexicon: Japanese Compound Verb Online Dictionary
Compound Verb Lexicon offers a lexicon of common Japanese compound verbs, a concatenation of two verbs, which is a typological feature of the Japanese language. These verbs are classified according to their word structure and transitivity.
Japanese Text Initiative
The Japanese Text Initiative is a well-established collection of Japanese literature from ancient times to the modern era. This collection offers original Japanese critical editions and their translations not in copyright (in other words, sometimes outdated).
Bibliography of Kanbun
The Bibliography of Kanbun is a bibliographic database compiled by Nisho Gakusha University, which collects Japanese works written in the Classical Chinese language as well as those of related studies. It also covers recent studies written in English.
Premodern Japanese Texts and Translations
Premodern Japanese Texts and Translations is a bibliography of Japanese literary and related works, up to the year 1600. It offers bibliographical information concerning original texts, translations in Western languages, and studies. It also offers some links to eBooks
WATP: The World Atlas of Transitivity Pairs
The World Atlas of Transitivity Pairs maps approximately fifty languages, geologically and typologically, in accordance with their pairing patterns between transitive and intransitive verbs: that is to say, whether such pairs were constructed from a derivation of either a transitive or intransiti
Chirimen Crepe Books Database
Chirimen Crepe Books Database is a digital library of translated Japanese folktales printed on Chirimen crepe paper. These materials derive from a series that was translated into Western languages, which was printed as a souvenir for Westerner tourists.
Oxford Corpus of Old Japanes
The Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese is still under development. Presently, it offers lexicon search and searchable texts of Old Japanese texts from the 7th and 8th centuries AD, most of which are verses and ritual texts.
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