Domestic and International Affairs

Japan Center for Asian Historical Records, National Archives of Japan
Japan Centre for Asian Historical Records, National Archives of Japan digitises and exhibits governmental materials concerning Japan’s relationship with other Asian nations from the early Meiji period to the end of WWII.
NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute
NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute, a research institute of the National Broadcasting Channel, surveys public opinion on a monthly basis. The survey results are only available through their Japanese website; a summary of the polls are provided in English.
JICA Research Institute
JICA Research Institute, a research section of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, focuses on supporting developing countries. The institute provides its publications as well as some data sets.
Winet is a portal intended to promote gender equality; it is operated by the National Women’s Education Center. This portal offers information concerning gender equality, such as a list of services for women, a bibliographic database, statistics, a who’s who list, and a list of web resources.
Gender Statistics Database
The Gender Statistics Database is provided through Winet; it offers figures regarding the similarities and differences between men and women. For example, it covers education, housework and labour, health, and opinion polls.
Japanese Law Translation
Japanese Law Translation aims to provide tentative translations of Japanese legal systems as well as laws and regulations operated by the Ministry of Justice, Japan. The site covers laws and regulations that are particularly important. A legal dictionary is also provided for reference
Repository of Natural Disaster Documents of IWATE