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Tokyo Digital Museum
The Tokyo Digital Museum is a digital catalogue of museums funded by the Tokyo Metropolitan Prefecture: Edo-Tokyo Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo, and Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum.
Japanese Garden Dictionary
The Japanese Garden Dictionary is a specialised glossary pertaining to the history of Japanese gardens. Terms are indexed in both Japanese and English.
Cultural Heritage Online
Similar to the Database of Cultural Properties of Japan, Cultural Heritage Online offers a portal for cultural properties in Japan. It also provides maps and information about museums that houses such properties.
Japanese Ceramic Database
The Japanese Ceramic Database aims at providing descriptions and images of ceramic works for research. The database provides images of all facets of works and notes on cases. As of February 2015, 900 works can be found in the database.
eKokuhou displays important holdings of four national museums: Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Kyushu.
Rekion: Historical Recordings Collection
Rekion, or the Historical Recordings Collection is a digital library comprising of Japanese gramophone records from the early nineteenth century to the end of the 1980s. The library contains about 50,000 recordings, including music and speeches. Copyrighted materials are not available online.
Database of Cultural Properties of Japan
The Database of Cultural Properties of Japan lists all properties that are either registered or designated as a ‘cultural property’ by the Act on Protection of Cultural Properties
Chinese Painting Database
The Chinese Painting Database (literally: the Whereabouts Database of Chinese Paintings) is a descriptive catalogue of Chinese paintings located in countries outside of China, including Japan, Europe, and North America.
Japanese Woodblock Print Search (Ukiyo-e Search)
Japanese Woodblock Print Search (Ukiyo-e Search) accumulates images and information of woodblock prints held by various institutions. It also enables users to search for similar prints
Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum Digital Archives Collection The
The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum Digital Archives Collection is a collection of digital libraries and databases on performance arts. It covers mainly Japanese traditional theatre, but also includes films, modern performances, and materials from other countries.
Nishikie archives, Ajinomoto Food Culture Center
The Collection of Nara Illustrated Books
Collection List, Currency Museum, Insutitute for Monetary and Economic Studies
Search for Nishikie, GAS Museum
HANKYU Cluture Archaives
Collections, The Ad Museum Tokyo
Digital Kabuki Museum
Rare images of Nichiren
Collection Database
Collection by Dr. Keiji Tanaka
Collection Database
Rare Books Electronic Exhibition Room
Collection Database
Union Catalog of the Collections of the National Art Museums
Banknote Database
Digital Museum
Collection Search
Digital Archive
Our Collection
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Masayoshi Hirano Collection
Digital Archive
Kagoshima Digital Museum
Collection Database and Digital Museum
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